46 minutes remaining...

Let me just clear the air: I suck at blogging. Between the tweets, the facebook, the journal, and the selfies (jk) I often feel like I have no more thoughts, nor the energy to share them on a blog. With 46 minutes left in my first expo, let's talk.

For those who know me, and those who might get to know me on here, my mind doesn't stop spinning. If I could one day capitalize on the mindless daydreaming, I might actually be able to eat more than Ramen and Tuna. My ex-girlfriend knows, however, that I eat Ramen and Tuna for sheer desire of a quick meal... (my dirty excuse).

Today is my first time at an expo. I haven't talked to many people, I think my presence at the booth cramps it's style....so I find myself walking around and eating butternut squash soup and drinking too much coffee.

30 minute set was a blast, and I got rid of more cards in those 30 minutes than all 5 hours at my table, But hey, it is fun to "work" at an expo while I in fact blog secretly and snicker at the patrons as they walk by thinking of dresses and dishes and the big moment in their lives...

...but what about after the ceremony? How often to couples plan and prepare and get nervous excitement for events in their life? How often do you cry because something is so beautiful that you heart breaks in half, both that it's so stressful and that you're so relieved it's over? 

Weddings are Weird.

A couple distractions later, I better start breaking down. Time to drive back to Alexandria and go to a work party all by my single self. Maybe I'll wear sweat pants and slippers so the other couples have something interesting to talk about  :)

Talk soon-