Once upon a Bridal Championship Football Show Sunday

Considering all of creation, I think humans are all pretty damn similar. There may be some remarkable exceptions, but even the most unique are just like the rest of us. What makes me so confused, is how two different people can have such extraordinarily different feelings toward a football team. Love, hate, disdain, nausea over a loss. 

If you like sports, America, baby Jesus, Yahweh, Muhammad or whatever it is that makes humanity and the world special, I dont understand why you can subjectively hate a football team or take joy in another team's sorrow when the person on the other side of the table absolutely loves them.

Haha people are so weird. Great game Pack! Hawks, way to not give up or get cheap when everything is going wrong. Excited to watch the AFC ship! Feels good to be done with another Bridal Show, see the smiling faces, and kick the feet up.