"...there is a cure, and it could be you."

Most of the people in the world I will never meet. Of those that I have, only some will know that I have a rather bloated passion for singing and daydreaming. And although I'm shy, my passion grows each time I'm able to perform and connect with an audience. I'm always nervous, and I don't think I'll ever shake the anticipation of being tossed of stage. My opportunities to date have been slim, but they're growing after coming out of the closet as a "singer". It feels weird to say. I'm a singer, nah, there's gotta be another adjective or noun... 

Even more bizarre....one day if my dream actually comes true and I can pursue music full-time, I'll inevitably have to one day answer the odd question during a date of "what do you do?" with the unpopular..."Oh, I'm a musician" (Suddenly the second date will seem as unrealistic as a 2.7 second rodeo ride on a beefy unicorn named Betty).

While music is a very personal part of my life that I have only recently made public, there is another private commitment I would like to share. Tomorrow will be my second time being a bone marrow donor through the Be The Match Foundation. I donated in 2011 by going through a direct bone marrow collection (the kind where they put needles through you lower back muscles and through your hip to collect marrow directly). I still hold the award for hardest bones, I'm told. The award was paired with my uncanny ability to flee from the OR table after being put under - Nice, apparently I'm not so courageous when unconscious. All in all, it was an easy procedure. I played in a Stegman's Old Boys Soccer game the next day.

Tomorrow I will be donating a different method. It's called PBSC, or Peripheral Blood Stem Cells donation. For this style of donation I've been going to my local hospital for the last 4 days. Each day they give me two injections of a drug that stimulates overproduction of blood-producing cells. The cells, which normally are in your bone marrow, magically (of course) make their way into the blood stream, which will be filtered out tomorrow by an Apheresis machine. We will save the details for another day - they're not important.

I'm not here to blog about Apheresis, although I'm sure you find it riveting. I'll be on the machine for maybe 6 hours they tell me, watching movies, sitting in sweat pants. Actually, sounds similar to what I would otherwise be doing if I was at work in my office....except that would be for 9 hours and I wouldn't give someone a chance to live, and it's work.

All I want to share today, is that I hope you sign up for the Be The Match Registry. It's free. It's easy. All it takes is a Q-tip swab of your cheek from a Fed-ex package while you sit in your underwear and spill cheerios on your chest. The result? You may be the 1 in 500 that is asked if you'd like to give someone a second chance at life. If the day isn't a good day for you, you can pass like you pass up Jury Duty. But, you'll never know if you might be the one to give someone a second chance. Seriously, everyone should be on the list - clever Jury Duty analogy right there...

You only have this life once, and I know your ass is puckered too much to donate money, so register your name and do the Q-tip swab instead. It's easy. One day, if you're asked to donate, worry about it then.

Keep practicing the courage of giving and it'll keep taking you places you never imagined. So will daydreaming, but lets keep this blog full of purpose ;)

Enjoy your Thursdays riding those office chairs.

Over and out. Oh, and here's the link: