Myers-Briggs says I'm an ENFP. In just four letters you can classify me into a group of people that have a propensity to act a certain way, based on my preferred method of perceiving the world.

An ENFP is an idea person and a people person. It says they see everything as a cosmic whole. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure if that introductory paragraph is repeated for every assessment. After all, we are all just an action of what we think, and we are all born from people and must live as one.

The one thing that blew my mind, a midst all of the feel good lines that the author introduced to satisfy my narcissistic mind and likely prompt me to give great reviews about the test, was that the author told me to take caution before sharing my thoughts with others:

"ENFPs who publicize their feelings too often may put off some of the crowds of friends they naturally attract."

I suppose to vocally disagree would be to lose.