Dear Florida Flamingo

2016 was a bad year for blogging; I posted once, and now this. I need to re-brand that damn word blog and decide how it has a place in my life. As a human who loves music, I am often conflicted on how I want to emote. There's conversation with people, team sports, exercise, dating, work, journaling, songwriting, singing/practicing at home, gigging events, and where the hell does blogging fit in?

Blogging, doesn't sound sexy. Blogging isn't me flicking off the scoffer while ordering a light beer and having a cigarette. Blogging feels like ordering that craft beer that makes my mouth too spitty, and then smoking an e-cigarette and not knowing where to exhale my butterscotch flavored lies.

There has got to be a better way to express oneself than writing an ill-planned entry on a website that doesn't support emojis. Fuck. Smh.

Anyway, come this January 2017 I will have finished recording my first album of original music for release sometime in February. I've met so many wonderful people this year, and am grateful for all of the support that people have lent me while figuring out what the hell I'm doing alive. Can't wait to get out and start performing this album, to share my side of life, and to begin writing that next album along side a few other initiatives. Wishing everyone a fantastic last week to the year, and many blessings on their passions as we jump into the next week and we wake up making choices on what it is that makes each one of us human.

Florida Flamingo, this post is devoted to you who also rambled without a purpose, yet with care and intent to express self. Because who wants to live like an elf on a shelf (what?). Your unexpected reply filled me with joy, and I thank you for that.