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Change, Arrogance, the Universe, & Climate

This Friday is an important day in history: The United States will have a new president, and I will be in the studio recording more originals. The tabloids are debating which will have a greater impact on humanity - so I will celebrate with a list of questions:

  • What is Change?
  • Where is my mind?
  • How long is our life?
  • How many roles do we play, job titles do we own, impacts do we make?
  • How many roles do I play that I deny?
  • If I ride a horse, and wear trousers, than are pants a form of transportation?
  • What was my name before my parents decide to conceive me?
  • How old are my thoughts?
  • Will my brain run out of storage - can I choose what to delete?
  • Am I a cause, or am I an effect?
  • Am I both, a percentage of each?
  • At what age did I realize that 100% of my mind was made up of effects from causes that I haven't weighed in on yet?
  • How have I effected people by the way I was before I examined how others have effected me?
  • Does my mind decide how to be effected by causes without me?
  • Am I my mind, or am I the gardener?
  • If I eat an apple and plant a seed, do I own the tree, or does the sun and the rain own it?
  • If I plant it in the desert and water it myself, is it mine?
  • Do my parents own me, or do their parent's own us?
  • I feed myself and take care of me, so do I own me?
  • Are the questions, the answers, or the context more important?
  • When do ingredients become dough, dough become bread, and bread become pizza?
  • When does a stranger become a friend?
  • Is trust an honor, a verb, a basic medium for treatment?
  • Do I trust my heart to beat while I sleep?
  • Does my heart trust me to notice what I eat?
  • Does my dog know that I eat other animals that look like they do?
  • Does my dog trust me, or does it trust me to feed it?
  • Do my children trust me?
  • Do plants have a conscious choice to grow?
  • Is that why they don't choose to live in my home?
  • Am I an animal?
  • Do Animals know they eat?
  • Do Plants hurt when they're thirsty?
  • Do more animals die of climate change, or humans die of alcohol abuse?
  • When I read this silently in my head, do the words echo into the things I read yesterday while I sleep?
  • If I change my ethics and values today, does the sound of the echo change?
  • If sea levels are rising, and 2 million years ago half of North America was covered in ice, why do we use the same land/sea maps?
  • Am I arrogant?
  • Is there a center of the universe, or is my thought the center of reality's now - walking on a treadmill in the Milky Way?